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For Listeners

Stream your favorite songs from your favorite artists, directly from them. Unlike other streaming services, there is no monthly fee. You pay depending on how much you listen. Once you have listened to a song enough times to pay the full price, you own the song file, similar to purchasing a song on iTunes or Beatport. Simply download the client, and deposit ethereum into your wallet to begin streaming and purchasing music from artists on the network. It's straightforward, convenient, and you get full control over how you listen to your music.

For Artists

Gain full control over how your fans listen to your music. Whether you are just starting out or a very large artist or record label, you can distribute your content directly to consumers without any middleman taking a cut. Using the ethereum blockchain, transactions for streaming and purchasing are automatically tracked, ensuring you get paid what you deserve. This decentralized technology also makes sure your music is always available with minimal downtime and verifies legitimacy of streamed music.

The Team

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Vishnu Vijayan

Client UI and P2P System Developer

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Andrew Rothwell

Ethereum Blockchain Developer

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Andrew Arpasi

Backend Developer and Designer

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